Make it or break it with Betspawn!

Online betting is fun, easy and comfortable. You don’t need to go anyway to place your bets, you can do it whenever, wherever. I love esports betting, and I really like that there is so many esports platforms that offer so many market verities. An example of such a platform is Betspawn, they give offers in CSGO, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite for example. And the good thing about these platforms are that they always strive to be in the forefront of everything esports, unlike traditional bookies. Not saying that they are bad, just saying that for me as e esports fantast, platforms like Betspawn are far better.


What is so good about esports betting?

The reason I bet on esports might differ from the many, it is easy for me. I love esports, and I have always played computer games. This is not just something to make money on for me, I genuinely like it. But I know that great many people play on esports for the sole reason that the big traditional bookmakers don’t really know that much about the sport so far. That being said, sometime you see the odds against a team you just know will win. It is easy money for some, and I know it.


The only problem I see with that mind set!

The thing is, if you only bet on something that you don’t really have any interest in other that you have the chance of winning money, you will end up spending so many more hours than if you bet on something you really enjoy. And I will tell you why I see a problem with this. Everything you do has an alternative cost, you need to understand what the alternative cost is for you to spend more hours to understand esports betting just because you have heard that there is money to win there. Do you get the logic?


An example of an alternative cost: instead of spending hours learning about esports betting to earn money, you can spend equally spent hours to do something you know will directly earn you more than betting.


My recommendation will always be to choice something that you genuinely like, this way betting will be easier, take less time and you will have greater odds of winning.

If you want to read more about the best esports betting sites, check this out!


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