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Foster Adoption Site

May 16, 2008

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My husband came across this site and emailed the link to me. I thought others would be interested too. Foster Adoption- the featured article is about mothers disposing of their babies. And how good God is to rescue many of them in special ways. He preserves His creation! Blessings

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Mother’s Day Weekend

May 10, 2008

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Our Family: A Testament Of God’s Grace Thinking back upon my earlier years I realize that what I am living now has always been God’s plan for me. I see how He prepared me in so many ways. Ways of which at the time I did not understand nor did I think would ever produce […]

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A Great Learning Tool

April 29, 2008

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I just was made aware of this great site THE ENDOWMENT FOR HUMAN DEVELOPMENT

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Books, Books, Books!!!!

April 16, 2008

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Being in the queesy stage of early pregnancy has it’s plusses! I have given myself permission to read, read, read! Not only have we perked up in our homeschool reading I have been reading and reviewing some new books I added to my personal pregnancy and birthing library. Here are some of the titles I […]

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March 1, 2008

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My husband shared this link with me to a CNN report of a ‘handicapped’ mom that against all medical odds had two babies and accomplishes about every mothering task each day on her own. You have got to see it to believe it. The couple are obviously Christians with tons of faith and love for […]

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Where Do We Go When We Suffer Loss?

February 1, 2008


Whenever there is loss in the Christian’s life we can be assured there will be gain as well. My heart just swells with the love of my Saviour; and my Lord. It truly amazes me how much comfort we have in our sorrow! I run to Him and He picks me up out of the […]

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Cycles of Womanhood

January 12, 2008

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The Lord has directed and guided me to a beautiful Christian ministry called Blessing God’s Way Please take the time to browse their website and consider prayerfully what a ministry like this could mean to the body of Christ!<img src=”” alt=”Maidenhood” />

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